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Welcome to Mah Jurnul

Hello~! My name is Nicholas, but you can call me Niki. (I respond to anything, actually. Even "HAY, YOU.")

This journal is primarily for daily journal entries. I also write fiction(fan & original), that can be found here: (caramel_victory) if you're interested. As well as icons, that are posted here: hiroko_icons

Tid-Bits About Niki~
☆ I'm a child of the 90's~ (rocko's modern life, chyeah~!)
☆ My hobbies include drawing, writing, reading mangas and procrastinating.
☆ I also like long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners. ;D
☆ My weaknesses are cutesy things, candy, rainbows and Yaoi/Yuri
☆ I don't dislike my weaknesses being used against me. ;3
☆ I love music, I'm never without it, and I'm lucky enough to be friends with such an amazing musician. I RABU CHU, AWISHA-TAAAAN~!
☆ In case you haven't noticed, I'm a Weeaboo. I've learned to embrace it, though.
☆ A few of my nicknames are Bloo, Glacey, Sugar-Chan, and Lary(short for Laryngitis)
☆ You are welcome to come up with any random names for me. I've even been called Miley Cyrus. I EMBRACE MY MANY ALIASES.

Okai. I'll quit buggin' ya now~
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