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1st-Jan-2012 01:00 am - ATTN: Journal Information !!
Welcome to Mah Jurnul
Hello~! My name is Nicholas, but you can call me whatever you would like! o uo

This journal is primarily for daily journal entries, you know, boring stuff!
I currently have a community up for my icons, so if that's what you're looking for, those are over here: hiroko_icons

I also have a journal opened up just for fiction, that I'm still in the process of moving. If you'd like to take a look, that is over this way: caramel_victory
*That journal will also include occasional artwork related to any of my OCs, but only in profile posts.

These are the only two places I really post my artwork regularly. (when I actually finish a piece)
Y! Gallery
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Thanks For Stopping By~!
WELL! THIS MONTH HAS BEEN surprisingly fun, srsly.

Managed to snag a copy of Tron: Legacy(on blu-ray+dvd), and so I now own the movie(fuckyeah). I don't think I've been nearly this obsessed over something in a while, that or I just don't notice. But the thing is, my interests change pretty often, but this is like OWNING my life right now, not that I'm complaining.

I also managed to find the original Tron online to watch, since the wait list for the DVD in both counties I'm signed up with is tooooo long for me to bother(again), and holy shit.

So, I tend to look at spoilers willingly, and so I had already raided Tron's wikia site, giggled at the dorky pictures from the original(especially at Alan's profile picture), but I was not prepared for this:

o uo read moar?Collapse )
Tron: Alan Bradley
1st-May-2011 02:49 pm - 05012011 - FUCK YEAH, FOOTBALL(MLS).
So, I'll be honest that I never really expected the US to be that in to Football(soccer), so I never actually paid attention to it before - aside from the occasional word from my friend in Nebraska who follows the games more than I do since I can't really access ESPN at the moment(or really bother to).

But holy motherfuck.

A couple weeks ago my mom called me from the JELD-WEN field downtown when she saw the crowds of people there for the game against FC Dallas and sent me pictures, but I didn't quite believe her when she said how amazing it was, because I'm used to there being more fuss over a Trailblazers game and I've never really heard anything about MLS before then - small stories on the news, but that was pretty sparse.

But we kept seeing people with Portland Timbers scarfs and coats, etc. and after we finished lunch we went over to the field via MAX - which was beyond packed, it was like being in a sardine can - and my heart just burst when we got to the stadium. You could literally feel the chants and excitement, and it made me feel really jealous that I didn't have a ticket to go in. The only time I usually get excited to the point that I want to scream along with the fans is during FIFA, otherwise I don't pay much attention, but yesterday I just wanted to steal someone's vuvuzela and somehow sneak into the stadium(but I didn't. I was also tempted to take the tickets from the scalper's hands since they were just waving them everywhere - and one dropped his..)

; u; But yeah. It was amaaaaaazing. Hopefully I'll be able to go to a game someday~ (and get a vuvuzela. They're green!)

The game my mom told me about
Yes, it was raining, and my mom said it was coming down pretty good but everyone was still cheering and excited. ; u; I'm so proud of PDX!

'OTL If we had stayed outside the stadium for a bit longer we would've at least seen the scoreboard change. Lol.

So! After that, my mom was getting really thirsty so we rode the MAX back to 5th and watched All The Apparatus until they moved up to 7th, and proceeeeded to go to Subway. >__> All The Apparatus was amaaaaazing. We're hopefully gonna see them next Saturday. I even got some good pictures. X3

Now, I am off to finish research for my recently started/posted fanfiction. :C It requires more than I expected. Phew!
28th-Dec-2010 05:42 pm - 12282010 - three months!?
Oh, boy.

Well, this term went well. /sarcasm
Aside from the fact that it seemed my ESR professor hated me(she sure gave me that impression by yelling at me on a field trip), I guess it went relatively well. I had a good time in my other class, at least(poli. sci.), which made up for the bad days of my dreaded environmental science class.

Didn't get the best of grades in either class. C in Poli. Sci(did bad on a test, which is what the class is based off of), and a D in Enviro. Sci, even though I had As on the major projects and homework. (evidence of the favoritism)

And yes. I am sour. I'm not even going to bother to hide it. But whatever. I don't ever have to see that teacher again because I do not intend to go into the field she teaches(which is apparently Botany).

Grar, but with that aside!

Christmas was alright. Mom got a gift card for Applebee's, so we went there on the 24th and had dinner. No presents or anything, usually how it goes every year. But we had fuuuun. <3 They had free wifi so she brought her netbook since she's been without internet, and can't do stuff at work. > u<;;;

Also got my paycheck from work for the 50 hours I completed~ Wootwoot.
Got about 28 more hours til I'm done with the next 50 and get paid again. :D

Well, that's all for now I guess~

Night Night from the Library, LJ
Vocaloid ;; KAITO
13th-Sep-2010 11:35 am - 09132010 - *yawn*
D; Blargh, been so lazy recently. There's not really much to do since I'm just waiting for school to start and I'm done working(except at the farmer's market on Fridays), so all I've been doing recently is sleeping, eating, playing Fat Princess/PixelJunk Eden/FF8, more sleeping, drawing, and some writing.

Haven't really done much. Worked on some reference images for two of my characters, Toris Velasco and Gregory "Gureji" Wyatt. I messed up on Gureji's first two, so I finally got a third one that actually looks decent, and like him. Somewhat pleased, now I just have to color it. I'd do it now but I feel like I'm going to pass out so I'll just do it when I get up.

Still waiting for my games to get here! My boyfriend finally sent them on Saturday, so I should be getting them this week, but I doubt I'll have much time to play since school starts next week. Not too bummed over it, though. I'm glad I'll finally have FFXIII back in my hands finally. I've missed my baby so much! Haha. I bought it before I even had my PS3. Also can't wait till Versus XIII comes out. I really want to know about that new Dissidia too! I saw Lightning on it, oooo!

Todaaaay has also been boring. o uo Got to Disc 3 on FF8, redrew Gureji's ref, and for the past 4 hours I've been reading every volume for Fujisaki Kou's "Happy Yarou Wedding" related series. ;D Pretty fucking awesome. I don't wanna stop even though I'm tired. I've only got two volumes left(15 chapters!)

Iono! Boring blogness today. xD I'ma head out

Passing out on top of you now, LJ
6th-Sep-2010 03:31 am - 09062010 - Long Summer!
I don't even know where to start! It's been about two months since I last posted, and a ton of stuff has happened.

Lemme get the bad stuff out of the way first! I ended up getting fired a couple weeks ago. I take full responsibility for what I did, which was requesting a day off in a poor manner(a note). I do not regret it happening, though. My supervisor turned out to be a complete jerk, and at the beginning of August I tried to quit but ended up having to go back. Myself and Forest had a relatively shitty time there after a few weeks, mainly because we were treated poorly by the majority of the staff and we were poorly supervised. We didn't get adequate directions for our tasks and then later got yelled at about it.

What caused me to be fired was I needed a day off from work for a camping trip with the YouthSource program that gave me the job. I couldn't get a hold of my supervisor, Kim and by the time I found out when I was going to be coming back, it was too late for me to really say much to her. So I opted to leave a note, so that she would at least be informed, also put it into the log and told another two people that worked there. I found out during the trip that she wasn't pleased with my note, and yelled at my boss, Mia, instead of contacting me about it, and if she had I would have skipped the trip and gone back to work instead.

In all honesty, I hated that job, so in the end it was for the best. I already finished the majority of my hours and only had a few days left anyway. That my way of saying "Go shove that job up your stuck-up ass, Kim. That is, if you can fit any more bullshit up there." She was a horrible supervisor, with a horrible work-ethic and temper. :\ I feel bad for any other interns that end up there.

NOW! On to the good stuff!
Like I said before, I got the majority of my hours done! So that means, not only did I get paid on the 20th of August($542, baby!), I am also getting paid again in a couple weeks! I'm really happy about that, because I sure could use that money to get my boyfriend up here for a trip or something like that!

I spent my last paycheck on getting a PS3, which is named "Sweet Beast"(based off of Kaito's 'Sweet's Beast' song), helped pay the internet and lent some money to my boyfriend. I use the term lent loosely since he buys me so much crap already. <3 So! I am now completely, dirt poor for the time being. But it was worth it, since my PS3 connects to both mine & my boyfriend's PSN accounts, so I got a nice selection of games for the moment. Those being:
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Crystal Defenders
Fat Princess
Noby Noby Boy
PixelJunk Eden

I think there's a couple more. And I don't think I've downloaded everything. I'm also excited to be getting my copy of FFXIII back! Mr.Boyfriend said he'd be sending it on Tuesday probably.

But that's not all the good news! -

It looks like he's applied for a job in the town I live in, which is about 900+ away from where he lives right now, so hopefully he'll be moving up here with his daughter(who I want to meet so bad! She's adorable!). I actually really want to move in with him, since we've been together for a little over 5 years(our 'renewed' anniversary is in Oct.), but I can't until I'm 21 because of Child Support. I desperately need the money while I'm in school, so I have to stay with my mom (egad) until then. Only two more years, though!

So, yup! That's about it.

Over & Out, LJ!,
16th-Jul-2010 02:31 pm - 07162010 - busybusybusy
Urgh, I've been way too busy for my own good. The whole week just kind of flew by. Had work over the weekend, which consisted of just moving a lot of furniture, sorting donations, and doing a ton of laundry. I asked for Monday off, even though I was supposed to work, because I was feeling sick to my stomach. I haven't been getting the best sleep lately. Worked at the farm on Tuesday, mainly took pictures, though, since I got there late because my wallet got lost in the apartment.

Went back to my regular job on Wednesday, but all we did was laundry and watch tv. There was almost nothing to do, since all the residents in the house do their own chores, and we're just organizing the old stuff. Thursday was more farm work. Cleared out some himilaya-berry bushes and helped put down some compost in a new bed, and took some more pictures.

And today is my day off. I am dead tired, I just want to keep sleeping for the rest of summer, especially since I've been feeling sick. Right now it's just my stomach that's yelling at me, but my head was hurting a bit earlier too. I don't really want to blame any of it on my boyfriend, but whenever we have a specific kind of fight(which we did last night) I get nauseous for a while afterwards. We made up and talked it out, but I still feel sick, so I dunno.

I really hope we're not doing much at work tomorrow. I don't know if I'll be feeling any better by then, and I can't call in sick for the second time this week, that'd look bad. Hopefully this whole thing with my boyfriend gets straightened out, but at the moment I really doubt it. I think we're just going to be having this same problem for however long we're in separate states. Urrrgh.

Hope I didn't bum you out LJ,
9th-Jul-2010 07:47 pm - 07092010 - dunadunaduna !!
Hah, had fuuuun yesterday with Helen. We went up to the adult video store and looked at some of the stuff they had there, mainly getting inspiration for Gregory. They did have some boxers & boyshorts I REALLY wanted, though. They had monsters all over them. ♥

Stopped by Fred Meyer before we headed over to her house, where I spammed her with videos until I had to walk home at 10pm. I'm so lucky she only lives about 15 minutes away, or I'd be screwed! Tons of fun, though. She also gave me some popsicles for the walk since it was soooo hot out.

I also had to go to work this morning, and stupidly went to bed at 4am when I had to leave at 8am. Inorite. It went by relatively quickly since all Forest and I were doing was vaccuming so they could get the carpets cleaned, and then we just hung outside, trying to clean the rust off of a pantry rack. It is tedious, and a pain in the ass. -vein pop- We were both too tired to take it seriously after an hour.

Then we headed over to OHDC to pick up our checks, but turned out only mine had arrived, so he still has to wait for his. -sadface- We stayed there for a while, since I had "phone-duty" for Mia, since she was waiting for her sister to call about going to the building to give Mia her house keys. She never called and left the keys in the car instead. OTL But yeah, we just screwed around in her office, she has an awesome exercise ball that I was rolling on, lol.

On the way home I stopped by H-Mart to see if I could find the popsicles that Helen gave me(she said they were $2 for the pack of 8), and I found them! But since I had to purchase a minimum of $5 worth of stuff, I got some Pocky and Calpico(both strawberry).

Picture Time!
Click for the pictures~!Collapse )

All of the stuff is supar nummy, really glad I got it. My mom was also happy about the popsicles, since she wanted to try one last night, and since it's so warm(just went from 93f to 90f), she was reeeeally happy to have one.

That's all for now. I'm about ready to go to bed already!

Have a popsicle, LJ,
8th-Jul-2010 02:39 am - 07082010 - Gooood day~!
First day of work today. Only bad thing was I got burned while weeding, but otherwise it was lots of fun. My supervisor there is great, and really helpful and the rest of the staff was really welcoming. It was pretty fun working with Forest too, sprayed him with the hose a couple times when we were outside cleaning the chairs & high-chairs.

Went by relatively fast. After work I was on my way to meet my mom downtown for ice cream and give her back her debit card, but stopped at the library on the way. I had to make sure she was right when she said that Spain had beaten Germany today. I felt very happy to see the results, since she had been wanting Spain to lose from the beginning. I proceeded to rub it in her face all the way home. <3

Didn't do much else when I got home. Just talked to Keandre, then Abbie & Helen, and finally got in contact with my old friend Stephanie~! I hadn't seen her since Freshman year, practically 5 years ago, so it was great to talk to her again! She said she'll be out in Wilsonville to visit her mom, and I can hop down there to see here, and then she'll be at Kumoricon with her boyfriend in.. August, I think. I'm really excited to see her, seems like we still have the same interests~! Super excited.

Not much else besides that! Got to talk to Chris for a bit, but I have to go to bed now so I can get up for class. Buuu, no bueno.

Sleep Tight LJ,
7th-Jul-2010 03:07 am - 07072010 - Long day is long.

Urgh, almost got my classes today, but insteeead I found out I have a hold on my account so I have to pay $55 before I can sign up for them. I'm gonna pay that later this morning, I'm too tired to do it right now.

Today was geeewd for the most part. Got a scare from my supervisor when she called me asking where I was! She said I was supposed to be at work at 11am today(tuesday), and that I was way late(she called around 12pm). I freaked out a bit, because if we miss one day of work without prior notification we get fired, so I started telling her I had requested the day off weeks ago and that it was supposed to be on her calendar.

And then she laughed. Turns out it was, but she had forgotten.
Damn, woman! Don't scare me like that! LOL.

Went straight home after that, I was dead tired. I was gonna take the WES down to Wilsonville and take some pictures like last week, when I went to the Pearl District(in downtown Portland), but my feet were killing me. So I stopped for a Slurpee & Doritos instead, lol.

I got to talk to Alisha for a bit before I went to bed~
I think her internet cut her off, so I didn't get a chance to say goodbye, Q_Q but it's nice being able to see her way more often! I'm really excited to see what she's gonna send me!

That's about it.
I tried calling Chris again, every so often. He still isn't answering his phone, and I still refuse to text him. I get that he's busy most nights, but the days too? This is getting really frustrating to tell you the truth. I guess I should just deal with it, though. Hopefully it'll get better, if not then I don't think I'm going to visit during Winter Break. I'll just sit at home, playing with my new PS3 & FFXIII! I'm so excited to get it!

Night LJ,
Hetalia ;; FRANCE x SPAIN
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